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Charities Rooting For KSNV’s 3 Degree Guarantee

Local charities in Las Vegas are pulling for Kevin Janison to be accurate when he forecasts the weather on KSNV, Sinclair’s NBC affiliate in Las Vegas.

Because every night at 11, when he accurately forecasts what the high temperature will be for the next day, and it’s within 3 degrees of his estimate, KSNV donates $100 to a local charity.

If Janison’s guarantee is good for the 20 weekdays in the month, that means $2,000 for one lucky charity.

Mark Neerman

“We want people rooting for Kevin,” says Mark Neerman, KSNV’s news director, “because it’s a measure of accountability.”

And the Vegas odds are good for Janison.

“His track record is very good,” Neerman says, somewhere in the high 90% range.

“Kevin’s a veteran Vegas meteorologist, he gets the desert. So he’s pretty accurate.”

Neerman stresses that one of the reasons why the 3 Degree Guarantee has been as successful as it has been is “because temperature is a badge of honor in Las Vegas.”

“People care about the weather in Las Vegas as much as they any place in the country.”

And while KSNV’s 3 Degree Guarantee has been a boon for local charities, generating almost $34,000 since the station’s started it in July of 2016, it’s also helped solidify the station’s leadership as the weather authority, says Neerman.

“This has been a key part to our strategy, to differentiate our weather product here. And we are the one that people turn to when it matters.”

NOTE: The idea of local TV stations offering the 3 Degree Guarantee is not new.

Google it and you’ll find many stations currently employing the practice. And according to an 2015 article in the Washington Post, “the 3-degree guarantee might be considered a worthy endeavor” when stations donate money to charities when the forecast is within the 3 degree range.

WAVE Ups Kris Baete To Marketing Director

Kris Baete

Raycom’s WAVE, Louisville’s NBC affiliate, has promoted Kris Baete to director of marketing and audience development.

Baete had been the station’s on-air promotion manager, he joined WAVE six years ago, starting as the night-side topical producer.

Baete says his management style will focus on respecting the team.

“We are all in this together. The good thing about this team is we are all equals.”

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KSBY’s New Set Overshadowed By Mud Slides

(Mike Eliason/Santa Barbara County Fire Department via AP)

KSBY, Cordillera Communications’ NBC affiliate serving California’s Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, and San Luis Obispo market, debuted a new set this week, but the station didn’t have time to celebrate.

Coverage of breaking news of the flooding and mud slides that hit the area took precedent.

“We put our new set on the air at 5 p.m. on Monday as it was just starting to rain,” said Kathleen Choal, KSBY’s general manager.

“We’ve been swamped with wall-to-wall coverage of the devastating mudslides and flooding in our market.”

Here are a couple examples of their coverage:

Now, as to the new set. Here’s a time lapse video of the construction.

The new set was a collaboration between Devlin Design Group and KSBY. The station had limited space but lofty aspirations.

The result, a modular, technologically advanced, scenic storytelling environment created by maximizing the space and scale of the design elements.

The textures on the set reflect the beauty of the California coast. Stacked stones and a soft wave pattern appear throughout the design.

‘Get Up DC’, WUSA’s New Take On Morning News

This past Monday morning at 6 o’clock, WUSA, Tegna’s Washington CBS affiliate, launched Get Up DC, adding Reese Waters to the familiar faces of Jan Jeffcoat, Miri Marshall and Ellen Bryan.

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Tegna & ‘Daily Blast Live’ Give $15K To School

Al Jackson, one of the hosts of Daily Blast Live, Tegna’s live entertainment program, surprised the founders of T.M. Landry College Preparatory School with a $5,000 donation. Landry is a co-educational, private college-preparatory high school in Breaux Bridge, La.

Tegna, inspired by Jackson’s generosity, made an additional donation of $10,000.

You might have been one of the millions of people who saw this video of a Landry student as he learns he got accepted at Harvard.

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Longtime WWL Anchor Sally-Ann Roberts Retiring

Sally-Ann Roberts

Sally-Ann Roberts, a morning news fixture on Tegna’s CBS affiliate WWL New Orleans for more than 25 years, is retiring. Her last day will be Feb. 28.

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Vietnam Vet Gets Heat And Food Thanks To WJZY

A former Marine, a Vietnam vet with a Purple Heart, nearly froze to death in his house when the temps dipped into the teens.

When WJZY, the Fox O&O in Charlotte, N.C., shared his story, someone paid the oil company enough to keep his heat on throughout the winter. And the Publix grocery store chain donated a fridge full of food and supplies when they heard his was empty.


Samantha Bethune: I love reading stories of people helping each other.

WJZY says it’s focused on “getting results.” And it has a whole page on its website of stories like this to prove it.

What if local TV news operations concentrated on finding people in their markets who need help? They could tell their stories and businesses in the community could step up to provide the services needed.

In exchange, the businesses get free publicity for the help they give.

Car dealers could donate a used car. Gas stations could give free fill-ups. Doctors could volunteer free medical exams. Grocery stores could deliver food. Landlords could offer vacant apartments to homeless families.

And since viewers love seeing stories of people helping each other, news viewership would increase.

And one by one, people who find themselves in trouble — broke, sick, down on their luck, unable to pay their bills — will get the help they need and we’ll all feel better knowing that the world is now just a little bit better place.

KFSN Promo Makes Local TV News Feel Cool

When I first saw this new spot from ABC O&O KFSN Fresno, Calif., I imagined what it might be like for viewers sitting in front of their TVs when this promo appears in a commercial break.

A hip, happening, driving music bed would make the viewer look up to take in a compelling visual ride.

No announcer track, no sound bites, nothing to interfere with the feeling you get from the music and the words and images flashing on the screen.

This isn’t an ad for high-end clothing, or the latest electronic gadget, or a new sports car, or even a movie about local TV news.

The feeling I got was that whatever they’re selling, I want some.

Local news feels cool as portrayed in this spot. And it is when you think about it.

A highly-skilled, diverse group of people going all over town, seeking answers, gathering information, collecting it all and presenting the images to people at home or on Facebook.

‘Lunch Break’ Makes Spokane’s KHQ First On Facebook

KHQ, the Cowles-owned NBC affiliate in Spokane, Wash., tops the market in social media actions over the last six months according to data from audience insight firm Shareablee.

KHQ has more than 3.1 million actions on social, 37% of the total engagement generated by the DMA (No. 72), with more than 8.4 million social actions.

Country-formatted KCLX-AM in Colfax, Wash., owned by Inland Northwest Broadcasting, led the market in actions per post on Facebook with almost 1,500.

KREM, Tegna’s CBS affiliate in Spokane, was ahead on Twitter with almost 25,000 actions while The Spokesman-Review, also owned by Cowles, and Spokane’s only daily newspaper, led the market on Instagram with almost 13,000 actions during the same period.

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PromaxBDA Names Jennifer Ball Head Of Marketing

Jennifer Ball

PromaxBDA, the global trade association of the entertainment marketing and design industry, today appointed Jennifer Ball head of marketing, effective immediately.

She will report to Steve Kazanjian, the group’s president-CEO.

Steve Kazanjian

“Jennifer brings a combination of business expertise and marketing leadership to PromaxBDA,” Kazanjian said.

“She is recognized in the industry for building high performing teams and developing strategies that accelerate growth for entertainment brands and their partners. Jennifer’s strategic, creative, and background will provide leadership and inspiration to the association and its members as we enter a new and exciting time in our industry.”

“As a long-time member of PromaxBDA, I am thrilled and excited to join an organization whose mission is to engage, inspire, and educate global marketers,” said Ball.

“I look forward to working with a creative team, and a board of directors that is comprised of the best in the industry.”

Ball will lead the development of PromaxBDA’s marketing and brand vision.

The global association represents more than 10,000 entertainment promotion, marketing and design professionals and companies.

In this newly created role, she will also forge strategic partnerships with emerging content and digital companies, whose marketing and design teams are helping define best practices for this rapidly evolving industry.

Ball has a career of more than 20 years working for top entertainment brands. She joins PromaxBDA from Univision Communications, where she was EVP of marketing and content partnerships.