WGN Collects 5 Million Airline Miles For Sick Kids

Five million miles. That’s enough miles to fly around the planet 200 times. Or more importantly, fly more than 400 families of five  round-trip from Chicago to Orlando. Fla.

My math may not be exact, but it all adds up to supporting the wishes of critically ill children and their families for Make-A-Wish Illinois.

A week ago, Tribune’s independent WGN Chicago teamed up with Make-A-Wish Illinois, and spent an entire broadcast day devoted to collecting airline miles that can used by critically ill children and their families to have their wishes granted.

An astonishing 80% of those wishes require air travel.

WGN had stories, cut-ins and live updates on air throughout the day with full recaps in its late night news.

Donating air miles to Make-A-Wish is easy — and the miles never expire once they are in the Make-A-Wish account. Donated miles are used exclusively for wish family travel. Air travel is often required for wishes to attend national sporting events, to meet a celebrity or to visit an exotic location.

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