KSAT Meteorologist Retires, KENS Says Thanks

Steve Browne

KSAT’s chief meteorologist, Steve Browne, retired last week after 30 years on the air in San Antonio.

KSAT is the ABC affiliate in the market owned by Graham Media.

Nothing unusual about a chief meteorologist retiring after 30 years on the air. But what is different is how competitor KENS handled it. KENS is the market’s CBS affiliate owned by Tegna.

Don Smith

“We took a unique approach,” said Don Smith, KENS marketing director, “by actually thanking him for his service to San Antonio. Viewers reacted quite positively.” A few of the posts:

This is so awesome! Incredibly kind of y’all! Thanks, KENS friends! — 
Myra Arthur

You all are so classy to extend a congratulations to Steve Brown no matter what network you work for. It’s a labor of love that you all share with one another and us. — Debbie Beasley Kelley

Love this that KENS did a farewell to Steve Browne. How classy is that!! The southern people are a breed all their own. Congratulating and wishing a weather caster from another station well. Good job, KENS 5! — Monica Tholen Villarreal

That is another reason why I continue to be a KENS5 viewer. They went out of their way to wish Steve Browne a happy retirement. I want to commend the station for doing that because they did not have to do it at all. — Christopher Farley

Thank you KENS 5 for recognizing your competitor’s icon. That is a class act!! — Susan D Gibson

And this is why I love KENS 5…..nothing but class. Happy Retirement Steve Brown! — Lorise Santellan

That’s very classy to pay tribute to another station. Good luck Steve Brown. — Kathleen O’Neal-Dickinson

“It was unexpected and made viewers feel something about us,” said Smith.

“Old school thinking is you don’t mention your competitor — but in this case, it was the right thing to do. We positioned ourselves as the good guys and by golly — it worked.

“Here’s … the FB post, which currently has 1.3K likes, 94 shares and 33K views. We even got a kind comment from one of the KSAT anchors.”

5 thoughts on “KSAT Meteorologist Retires, KENS Says Thanks

  1. Felicia Patrick

    Thank you for your service! Of course

    And I will miss Mr Brown smile,

    Enjoy your retirement..

  2. Jennifer hernandez

    Were going to miss you Steve brown I always love watching the weather when you come on air.i been watching ksat 12 for a long time.

  3. Shirley Jean

    Wow! What a classy good bye and congrats to Steve Browne from KENS 5. That is only one of many reasons I am still a loyal viewer to KENS 5. Congrats to Steve Browne from me!

  4. Nora Norma Arroyo

    I’m sad to see you leave Steve brown I have always watched channel 12 KSAT my favorite News and Weather channel But here’s to wishing you the best in your retirement may God Bless you and enjoy your life and family.


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