WISH Unveils Floor-To-Ceiling Studio Rebuild

WISH, the CW affiliate in Indianapolis owned by Nexstar, just completed a major overhaul of its studios. I got a note from Scott Hainey, WISH’s creative services director, detailing the process along with some pictures of the finished product.

Scott Hainey

WISH does nearly 70 hours of local news and programming in the market. Almost half of its broadcast day, 11.5 hours, is produced in its studios. So Hainey says the station needed a set “which could provide the versatility and space to support our current news production, as well as future growth opportunities.

“In designing the new studio space, we utilized technology to create that functionality and flexibility,” says Hainey.

“From color-changing walls, and monitor arrays, to the nearly 100 LED micro-tiles used in our desks and background scenery; the entire set can change with the push of a button. Rehearsal feedback, from talent and production, has been very positive. We hosted a set preview party a couple weeks ago with partners, clients and community leaders. Of course, it was nice to hear all the ‘oohs and aahs,’ and comments that ‘it looks like a network set,’ but the best compliment, by far, was ‘this set looks like you’.”

“When someone basically says, your set is an extension of your brand as the local news source, you know you’ve accomplish your goal.”

Hainey says when WISH became a Nexstar station last year, the station told Nexstar corporate that they needed a new set to “give us more versatility for presentation and storytelling.”

“They not only said yes, but encouraged us to evolve what was a simple set plan, into what we have today — an entire floor to lighting grid studio remodel. This includes new cameras, robotic pedestals, LED lighting and a list of other technology upgrades, including a new graphics system.”

“We’re lucky to have a great internal design team here at WISH, and at our Nexstar Nashville Design Center. We worked together on this project.”

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