Men ‘Catfishing’ Hook Former WAPT Anchor

If you’re like me, when you think of catfishing, you picture a rod and reel, a hook and a tasty worm.

But there’s another kind, catfishing on internet dating sites, that uses a similar technique.

They lure in lonely women using phony pictures and fake identities, and then once they get them to bite, they scam them for money.

That’s what happened to Mary Case, former WAPT news anchor and widow of legendary Jackson, Miss., reporter, Bert Case.

But this time, the fish got away, twice.

Here’s a story from WAPT, the Hearst-owned ABC affiliate in Jackson, sent by Brett Kenyon, WAPT’s creative services director.

“I wanted to share one of our sweeps pieces with you in case you’re doing any sweeps story highlights for May. This is the piece with which we finished off the May book, a special report done by Keegan Foxx, one of our evening anchors. In the piece, Mary Case walks Keegan through how she was targeted, and the investigative techniques she used to spot a fraud both times. I thought Keegan did an excellent job with the piece and wanted to send it your way.”

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