Share Your Locally Produced TV Commercials

TV stations in almost every market write and produce commercials for clients. Many of them are creative, memorable and effective.

It’s one of the valuable services stations provide for their advertising customers, whether they’re furniture stores, restaurants, car dealers or doctors.

The clients’ businesses grow, keeping them coming back to local TV to advertise.

I’ve written many articles about this in Market Share since this work is usually done by the folks in the stations’ creative services departments.

I was reminded of this valuable service when I saw this post from WGN on Facebook.

It’s a Chicago classic … the Victory Auto Wreckers commercial. 33 years ago this week, WGN undertook shooting this very spot, on a Bensenville side street, after the original spot from 1981 was run so many times it wore out the tape. In this raw, unedited clip, listen carefully as you can hear the off-screen director giving some really good direction to “actor” Bob Zajdel. The door scene only took two takes.

NOTE: If your station has some commercials it’s produced that you’d like to share, please let me know and tell me all about them. My email and phone number are always displayed at the top of the column.

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