WDAF Tears Down The Walls In Creative Services

After looking at these pictures of the new creative services work place just finished at Tribune’s Fox affil WDAF Kansas City, I not only want to work there, I want to live there.

Danielle Ray is the station’s relatively new creative services director. She started on the second day of January. But the project to reimagine and redesign the work space for her creative services team began before she even set foot in the place.

“I had a great opportunity to renovate an entire work space,” said Ray. She and her promotions manager, Dan Horner, collaborated on the vision.

Horner says the blackboard draws the station staff to the area to add their chalked impressions and comments.

Prior to the redesign, the members of creative services were dispersed around the building.

“I’m big on collaboration,” said Ray so they removed all the walls in the new space, exposing a window that had a beautiful view of the city. Before, that view existed in a closet.

The natural light of the new space is what Ray likes best about the new digs.

Here’s what some of the staff have to say about where they were and why they like the new surroundings better.

Having joined the city’s oldest television station only a year ago, one can imagine the shape the building would be in. Fortunately, I am a member of the Creative Services Department. A department that had been left behind when it comes to office decor. Hand-me downs of office desks and chairs became the norm.

Our department was granted a makeover that has created a space that is inviting and creative for all who enter. Under the direction of our new creative services director, the station has provided for us an office space that is modern, bright and the envy of the rest of the station.

An update in technology, workspace and light has moved this department to focus on our objectives. To remain the cities number one station. — David Baerg, promotions producer

Before the remodel, another producer and I shared an office with a wall full of tapes and not even a shimmer of natural light. In one word it was gray, too much gray. So, when they started talking about tearing down the walls, I was volunteering to swing the sledge hammer.

After the remodel, I staked a claim on the desk closest to the windows. Simply seeing my desk covered in sunlight when I walk in every morning makes even Mondays bearable. It’s bizarre to think that these three windows with gorgeous views of the Kansas City skyline were sliced up between three rooms, and the best view of them all was in a rarely used edit bay.

One of the unexpected joys of the new space has been the chalkboard walls. It seems like the entire station has taken a turn at adding artwork and it has become a game to match the employee to the drawings. Even our research director took a turn, with her artistic depiction of Nielsen households and demos. — Michele Allen, promotion producer

The new space is very bright and has a great creative vibe. It’s great to have modern lighting, windows and actual office furniture. Often the behind the scenes television station furniture are hand-me downs. It’s great that management gave us the space and furnishings to inspire creative work. — Eric Houser, design director / Vizrt

The new room is pretty awesome. It’s really a nice creative vibe and a great place to work. I love the colors and general modern vibe. The collab stuff with the producers has been really fun. I’m into a bunch of creatives bouncing ideas around. It’s rad. — Luke Watkins, graphic artist

From left: Dan Horner (promotions manager), Dave Baerg (promotions producer), Daniel Nelson (senior promotions producer), Danielle Ray (creative services director), Eric Houser (design director), Luke Watkins (graphic artist), Carrie Hibbeler (community relations manager), Michelle Allen (promotions producer), Laura Manivong (senior promotions producer) and Steven Hasvold (graphic artist) — two other not pictured: Melissa Mairs (graphic artist) and Kim Kavanaugh (graphic artist)

Want to work here? Turns out WDAF is looking for someone who can fit in with the team and has an appreciation for a work space that is stylish, open and invites collaboration.

The new workplace inspired new on-air creative that reflects their surroundings: bold, expansive, big city, clever and memorable.

What about your work space at your station? Got some pictures and a story about your physical office, work place, surroundings, decoration, you want to share?

Is it rad, as Luke Watkins described WDAF’s?

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