WGN Brands Tuesday’s Cubs/White Sox Games

WGN, Tribune’s Chicago independent, is introducing Tuesday Night Baseball, as a way to brand the 22 Cubs and White Sox games the station airs this season.

Tom Vodick

Here’s Tom Vodick, WGN’s co-creative director explaining the concept.

“It all started with our programming manager looking at the possibility of scheduling several Tuesday night games during the season, which led to a final broadcast schedule worked out with the Cubs and White Sox of almost 22 straight weeks of Tuesday night baseball on WGN.

Ryan Johnson

“This being a unique hook for one of our baseball seasons, we in Creative Services then set out to sell it, and try to give it a little different vibe than our other baseball game promotion.

“With the help of a few fan viewing shots, a good song from one of our music production libraries and a new local voiceover talent for the game topicals, we think we succeeded in giving it a different feel. Have to credit Senior Sports Producer/Writer/Editor Ryan Johnson with the overall concept and execution.”

By the way, the music in the 30-second spot came from First Com music.

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