WMAR Rebrands To Focus On Maryland Roots

WMAR, Baltimore’s ABC affiliate owned by Scripps, is changing all of its branding to WMAR-2 News, Working For You.

A statement from the station says the move is “intended to underscore their long-standing focus on Maryland and its people,” harkening back to its early days as a pioneer in local television.

Rob Brockmeyer

“As we worked on a fresh new logo for our organization, we also wanted to remember our history, the heritage of WMAR as a journalistic pioneer,” said Rob Brockmeyer, WMAR’s senior director of creative services.

“Along with our corporate partners at Scripps, we felt that incorporating the legacy ‘2’ alongside a new look for our “WMAR” call letters was the most vibrant way to honor our past while committing to our future as a new media entity for Baltimore. Our creative team did a phenomenal job with the redesign task that signifies who we are and where we are headed.”

Kelly Groft

”Local reporters following local beats, acting as advocates for our audience is at the core of who we are — that is why our slogan “Working For You” is not changing,” said Kelly Groft, WMAR’s news director.

“Our dedicated reporters will continue to offer meaningful storytelling, essential journalism and make authentic connections with our viewers.”

Bill Hooper

“It’s no longer just a matter of TV and Web or even just newscasts,” said Bill Hooper, WMAR’s general manager.

“It is about providing local information in every way and on every device our consumers demand and doing it quickly. Local means so much more than it did even a year ago and we wanted to put the WMAR, the “MARYLAND” front and center again in our name and brand to remind ourselves and our viewers of our focus.”

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