WPIX Promo Makes Viewers Feel ‘Beautiful’

WPIX, the CW affiliate in New York owned by Tribune, secured limited rights to the Carole King song, Beautiful, to create a 60-second promo for its morning news.

“We’ve been airing Beautiful both on-air and on line,” says Dave McDonald, WPIX’s promotion manager.

“The idea had been kicking around in my head for a while.”

Dave McDonald

After getting the nod from David Hyman, his VP of creative, and Vas Mountzouros, his CSD, he asked vocalist Emma Kiara if she would take a stab at the song.

“She absolutely crushed it! Needless to say, it sealed the deal.”

Then he sent Mike Lee, WPIX director of photography, and Dimitry Trakovsky from Filmkraft, out to capture shots of people in the city and edited those with the footage of the “WPIX morning talent captured in great behind-the-scenes and out-of-studio settings to create a true vista of what it is to be New York’s Very Own. It aims at the heart in all of us and is pure emotional branding, practically guaranteed to leave the viewer with a smile on their face.”

Here’s a video of Carol King visiting the set of the Broadway musical, Beautiful, the Carole King Musical.

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