Brand New Local TV News Promos

When I was a beginning writer/producer at WDSU in New Orleans in 1988, I would try to look at as many promos from around the country as I could.

That was the only way I could improve, to see what other stations were doing.

A line of copy, a concept, an editing technique, distort the video, whatever it was, I would file it away for use later, to incorporate and customize into some project I might be working on.

It’s a lot easier to see the work from other stations today than it was then. All of the following promos were uploaded within the last month.

KNTV San Francisco
The fires are still burning in California, so this spot is very timely.

KNTV San Francisco
This isn’t a subject that I’ve seen covered by a local TV station, and maybe it should be.

WAFB Baton Rouge
I love this spot–the music, the editing, the energy—and all to encourage viewers to join the party on the station’s Instagram page.

WFTV Orlando
A viewer calls and leaves the station a message complimenting it for its severe weather coverage.
What do you do? Put it on air.
A simple spot with the right mood music.

KNXV Phoenix
It’s challenging to promote your morning news topically. But one way you can promote the morning news is to find those moments, segments, clips, etc., that represent what the show is about.
Here‘s how the ABC station in Phoenix created some morning news POPs.

WVUE New Orleans
Another way to promote your morning news is to imagine what mornings are like for most people, and then recreate that and insert clips from your morning news that might make mornings less chaotic.

WWBT Richmond
Cute concept and execution to highlight the fact that it’s back to school time.

WPIX New York
As a former educator, anything a local TV station can do to help teachers and schools is a win-win for me.

KGW Portland
Fall can be a tricky time of year. Chilly in the morning, then warm in the afternoon, what to wear, how to dress.
Good time to remind viewers about your weather team.

KGW Fall Weather from KGW Creative on Vimeo.

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