Chicago’s ‘The Jam’ Gets Aggressive Promo Push

Launched in July, The Jam, positioning itself as “fresh morning TV, Chicago style”, is rolling out an aggressive media push that incorporates a mix of digital and traditional media assets.

The Jam airs on WCIU, The U, an independent TV station in Chicago owned by Weigel Broadcasting.

“From the placement to the timing to the messaging, we’re being extremely targeted in our delivery of the marketing rollout. I’m not going to reveal the entire playbook right now, but we’re hoping for a touchdown,” said Steve Bailey, WCIU’s programming and creative head.

The Jam ads can be seen citywide in areas most likely to be trafficked by the station’s target demographic.

This includes digital billboards and urban panel ads along transit routes, mobile, in-stream ad placements, radio buys, and static bus shelter creative.

The group is also leaning heavily on the power of grassroots public relations tactics, as well as increasing the visibility of The Jam’s hosts with in-person appearances at charitable functions, local high school football games and other key community events.

The Jam airs weekdays from 6-8 AM on The U and is hosted by trio Jordan Cornette, Felicia Lawrence and Danielle Robay.

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