WFTV Hidden Cameras Catch ‘Upselling’ Cons

They call it ‘upselling’.

Here’s how it works.

Your wife takes her car to get a quick, low-priced oil change. The low price is just to get you in the door, and your car on the rack.

While her car is on the rack, the mechanic says he found some other repairs that need to be done. He even takes pictures of it.

You take the car to a trusted mechanic and show him the pictures and the list of repairs, and, you guessed it, none of them need to be done.

Todd Ulrich

In Orlando, at WFTV, the Cox-owned ABC affiliate, Todd Ulrich has been the station’s consumer reporter for 25 years.

A couple months ago, Ulrich set up hidden cameras when some air conditioning companies came to do a routine tune-up.

A warning about repair companies that service your air conditioning at home. WFTV Action 9's Todd Ulrich puts three companies to the test in a hidden camera investigation:

Posted by WFTV Channel 9 on Monday, May 22, 2017

Exposing AC repair tricks that turn a $49 tune-up into $1000 hustle. An Action 9 hidden camera investigation that will help you save money and keep your cool ! Story:

Posted by WFTV Action 9 on Monday, May 22, 2017

The man told the homeowner that he found mold in the air conditioning system and to expect big trouble.

“He was really instilling fear that if I didn’t do something I was going to be sick,” said the homeowner.

This investigation really resonated with some viewers.

Patti Starkey: THANK YOU CHANNEL 9 for EXPOSING these THIEVES…that’s all they can be called!! Next…please SHOW ALL THE BIZ NAMES & FACES!!!

Sarge Kerr Keep it up, Todd. We NEED this kind of reporting …..

Click here to see how some image promos for Todd Ulrich are all about authenticity.

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