LBI Media Urges Latino Community To Remain Calm

Do not be afraid.
Don’t panic.
Live your life normally.
This is not a monarchy, it’s a republic.
We are with you.

That’s the message in a new campaign by LBI Media, (Liberman Broadcasting), the fastest growing, minority owned Spanish language broadcasting company in the U.S.

Ever since President Trump was elected, the anxiety level in the Latino community has risen sharply.

The We Are One with You campaign attempts to calm the Latino community’s fears by promoting immigration law education and awareness.

LBI Media, based in Burbank, Calif., comprises Estrella TV and several FM stations.

Lenard Liberman

“While most of our competitors have been creating fear in the Latino community by taking an alarmist position relating to immigration,” said Lenard Liberman, LBI’s president, “at LBI Media we are taking a different approach.

“We are committed to continue getting the facts out without sensationalism, and educating our viewers without inducing undue fear. We will continue providing our community with as much information and current news regarding immigration law in all of our media platforms.

” As a Latino owned broadcasting company, keeping our audience accurately informed and educated is a major priority.”

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