Watch Tonight At 10, On Facebook

Television is appointment watching. Programs change every 30 minutes on the half hour or hour.

Facebook, on the other hand, typically has no schedule and changes constantly. You scroll through posts that have just been added or were written hours or even days ago.

But with Facebook Live, you can schedule a regular time every day if you want.

Brent Watts

Like WDBJ’s Weather Talk Live, which pops up every weeknight at 10 on WDBJ’s Facebook feed, like clockwork.

Weather Talk Live is a chance for Facebook users to interact, ask questions and talk about the weather with WDBJ’s chief meteorologist, Brent Watts.

And so the station has created a promo that airs on WDBJ television essentially asking viewers to turn into Facebook users at 10.

I’m not aware of any television station promoting its Facebook page at the expense of its television programming.

I think it’s groundbreaking.

“I don’t know about groundbreaking but I think it will help our brand,” says David Hughes, WDBJ’s news director. “We are anywhere and everywhere.”

David Hughes

Hughes mentioned that WDBJ had just recently launched Weather Talk.

“Basically, it’s an opportunity for our meteorologist to engage with the audience on what’s going on with the weather and give them a detailed explanation of not only what the weather is going to do, but why that’s going to happen,” said Hughes.

But when he sent me the promo, I had more questions.

What about the CBS programming that WDBJ airs at 10 p.m.?

“People who want to watch CBS primetime programming are going to find their show,” said Hughes. “People who want to interact with Brent are going to have that option as well. We have the ability to give viewers many options these days. The digital world has changed everything. This is just one example of how we are adapting. Viewers expect options and we are going to continue to provide them with more and more options as the way people consume news and entertainment changes.”

Of course, viewers could watch the CBS entertainment programs at 10 on WDBJ and also have their Facebook screen on WDBJ’s Weather Talk Live.

2 thoughts on “Watch Tonight At 10, On Facebook

    1. David Hughes

      We actually started Weather Talk Live as a way to push to our 11PM News. It is much more than that now but it is certainly a way to entice viewers to watch later. It also has the potential to draw news viewers away from the local station that airs news at 10PM.
      Facebook allows content like this to be sponsored so of course we are also looking into that as a new revenue stream.
      So we absolutely have a strategy here. Of course building the brand is also a huge part of the strategy.


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