Graphic, Behind-The-Scenes Story About Harry Connick Jr.

imagesShame on you. Not that kind of graphic story, but the kind every new television show needs.

When there’s a new daytime entertainment show that’s syndicated across the country, somebody has to come up with the graphics package — color schemes, designs, font, typeface, looping backgrounds, in/out bumps, slates, bugs, transitions, supers, snipes, the entire look and feel — and then make it move, put it in motion.

And don’t forget the style guide.

Undefined Creative put it all together for the launch of Harry in September.

Harry, from NBCUniversal Domestic Television, stars Grammy and Emmy award-winner Harry Connick Jr.

image001“NBCUniversal decided they loved the look we had created for the pilot and hired us to refine and expand on the graphic elements, which is really a designer’s dream come true,” said Cathy Humphrey, Undefined Creative’s executive producer.

image003Although teal was considered for the primary color, “the final decision was to go blue, so we had some lengthy and detailed deliberations about shades of blue,” said Maria Rapetskaya, Undefined Creative’s founder.

In its premiere week ending Sept. 18, Harry, had the strongest debut performance of any talk show launched in the last three years, according to a statement from the New York agency.

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