WNCT Greenville Scores Big With Anti-Bullying Campaign

WNCTWNCT, Media General’s CBS affiliate in Greenville, N.C., has a history of being proactive in creating awareness about the problem of bullying.

So it made sense to initiate a sales campaign that would take a stand against bullying, says Amy McClary, WNCT’s local sales manager.

The Anti-Bullying PSA Contest encourages local school students to create their own PSAs with messages to solve the problem of bullying. Once the PSAs are complete, the station will hold a Facebook contest for viewers to vote on their favorite, with the school or individual to receive $500.

The winning PSA will be introduced by the campaign’s sponsor during an NFL game on Dec. 21. The winning PSA will then air on WNCT for several weeks.

The Anti-Bullying PSA Contest is sponsored by local attorney Tyrell Clemons. “I speak at churches and school about bullying,” says Clemons, “so this is a problem that hits home.”

As an attorney, Clemons has a unique perspective on the problem as he often represents clients who’ve been charged with bullying and even those whose response to bullying has gotten them in legal trouble.

“I really like this campaign because it’s directed at teenagers,” says Clemons. “It’s outside the box.”

“Bullying has been on-going for years,” he adds, “and now with social media, the problem’s even worse.”

The Anti-Bullying PSA Contest launches on Oct. 27.

The Anti-Bullying PSA Contest by WNCT was chosen as the Best of the Best local TV sales ideas by the NAB at its annual meeting last month of the Small Market Television Exchange (SMTE) in San Antonio.

The SMTE is the only meeting for small market group executives and station broadcasters in DMAs 75 and above. The SMTE focuses on innovative ways to attract emerging and non-traditional advertisers, suggestions to enhance a station’s position in the local marketplace and tips on turning good ideas into revenue-generating plans.

I’ve been profiling the finalists all this week here on Market Share. If you have a sales idea you’d like to share, let me know.

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