New Morning News Promos From KTVT Dallas



KTVT, the CBS O&O in Dallas, just launched these new morning news promos, all shot at a local coffee shop.

What do you think?

Thanks to KTVT’s creative services director, David Hershey, for sharing.

One thought on “New Morning News Promos From KTVT Dallas

  1. Lee Spieckerman

    Thank you for sharing these spots. Truly, three of the best promos I’ve seen in recent memory. Head and shoulders above anything else being done in Dallas. Brilliantly conceived, superbly written and executed. The only two elements that could I didn’t like: the t-shirt gimmick at the end of the second spot (out of place) and the inaudible comment after the tag on the last spot. But, overall, really stellar work. Can you share creative and production credits?


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