Severe Weather: Still Local TV’s Turf

severeIf you believe that local news is the most advertised product category on TV, like I do, then weather may be the most promoted part of it. That’s because weather is still the No.1 reason people watch local news, even though the weather forecast is everywhere via a multitude of devices from a variety of national and local sources.

When there’s severe weather in the neighborhood, viewership spikes. And the thinking may be that if a local TV station can be your source during the occasional times there’s severe weather, it stands to reason they’d be your source for weather all the time.

So how do local TV stations try and convince viewers to turn to them when the weather turns severe?
I searched ‘severe weather promos’ and went through hundreds of spots from different stations from the past year to see if there were any patterns that emerged. Here are a few.

Logical reasoning
We have the most experienced weather team, we give you advanced warnings before the other guys, and we have more resources.

More powerful Doppler in 3-D, showing you the storm five minutes faster.

Weather personalities as spokesmen, or spokeswomen

Viewer testimonials

Who better to endorse your weather coverage than the folks who work outside and rely on the forecast for their livelihood?

Personal weather

What if you could just call your favorite meteorologist any time for the forecast?

Don’t get surprised by the weather

Weather apps

When you’re not near a TV, you can still stay ahead of severe weather.

Fear tactics

Some stations want to scare you into watching the weather, or not.

Weather on wheels

Mobile weather machines loaded down with equipment that can go anywhere and do it all.

Severe weather all day

Sometimes, when the weather could be bad any time, you should stay tuned to your favorite station all day to stay safe.

And if none of that works, you might have enlisted the help of Ernest P. Worrell and his friend Vern to set you straight, as he did in this spot from 1985.

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