WNCN Raleigh is Hip to YouTube


WNCN, the NBC affiliate in Raleigh, N.C., launched a video campaign yesterday to attract more subscribers to its YouTube channel. The video is hip and flip with plenty of attitude.

“We hope it’s a conversation starter and attracts subscribers for us,” says Robby Thomas, WNCN’s director of marketing. Thomas admits the cheeky feel of the video is intentional, “because we’re speaking to a different audience.”

“YouTube has billions of followers especially in the younger demos, and we wanted to expand our footprint there.”

Thomas says the posters who are successful on YouTube are content creators, and local TV stations can deliver plenty of content.

“We don’t aggregate content from different sources, this is WNCN news content that aired on TV, but it’s evergreen,” he says. “It’s a recruiting tool.”

One of the attractions of developing a community of YouTube subscribers, Thomas says, is its ability to connect through interaction and comments.

The video offers subscribers three specific options for stories — investigative, innovation and technology, and the science of weather.

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