How Viewers Help Sales at WHEC Rochester

taxesThis is a follow up on a story we first reported in October. About how WHEC, the NBC affiliate in Rochester, N.Y., is continuing its New York State Exposed series that it started in October 2013. At the time, the station “wanted a direction and focus that supersedes slogans,” said WHEC Marketing Director Steven Patrick. “We wanted to be known for something; maybe we can make New York a little better place.”

In February, “the station took a chance”, Patrick said. “We decided to go seamless into our late news following the Olympic opening ceremony with a 10-minute piece on why we’re so committed to this series and why it’s so important. The response was fantastic.”

Patrick took some of the comments and turned them into a sales tool.

“Sales puts it in front of their clients, in addition to our ratings trends, which have all been going up. Business owners love this series because New York is clobbering them too!”

WHEC one sheet“If viewers are taking the time to comment on our news content,” said Lauren Burruto, WHEC’s director of sales, “we think businesses in our area need to know about that. After many months of doing this series, it’s become a strong differentiator for the station from our competitors.”

Another reason to believe that good journalism leads to good business.


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