Got a Minute? 60-Second News Marketing

got a minuteNot many TV advertisers air 60-second commercials on local television. If you do see a 60-second spot, it’s usually in network programming, especially the network news. And the majority of those are pharmaceutical ads, with the first 15 seconds usually extolling the benefits of taking the drug while the remaining 45 list the possible side effects.

One of the very few local advertisers who can afford to produce and air 60-second spots are local TV stations. They have the production capabilities and they own the air-time.

Tony Getts

Tony Getts

Tony Getts, creative services director at WFTV, the ABC affiliate in Orlando says, “we’ve been doing more 60s. I think you can say more in a 60 than you can in two 30s. You can be a little less obvious, and hopefully more captivating. That’s the goal anyway.”



“We have a story to tell,” said Getts.

“They’re costly in terms of production and on-air inventory—about double, it turns out—but we think they’re worth it.”

You can really engage the viewer in 60-seconds, create a mood, tell them your story, and make a powerful persuasive statement.

What do you think? Have any 60-second spots you’d like to share?

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