NAB 2018 Tech Hot Topics Products: MAM/Storage


For the third year, TVNewsCheck is augmenting its coverage of NAB Show Hot Topics tech trends stories with information that can make your visit to the NAB Show easier. This week's focus is media asset management and storage (read the main story here). These companion resource guides on the technology covered each week are compilations of information provided by vendors. To download this page as a PDF, click here.

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Aspera, an IBM company | Booth SL5910 | Website: | 5900 Hollis St, Suite E, Emeryville, CA 94609 | (510) 849-2386 

Aspera Files — Aspera Files is an SaaS solution for sharing large files and data sets directly from cloud and on-premise storage — located anywhere, to anywhere, with anyone. It unifies Aspera’s most advanced core technologies, features, and capabilities into a simple-to-use SaaS solution that helps businesses of any size — from the small organization to the global enterprise. Using Files, organizations can store and readily access files and folders in multiple cloud-based and on-premises storage systems. Sharing among users is as easy as browsing or dragging-and-dropping -- regardless of where the files are located -- freeing collaboration from traditional boundaries among colleagues in both local and remote locations.

Product Information: Product Datasheet: Price: Aspera Files is offered as a subscription service with the options to provision under an All-Inclusive pricing model with built-in storage and transfer capability and/or a Hybrid pricing model that supports both storage deployed in your data center and at other leading cloud infrastructure providers. Other flexible pricing options are available based on volume of data transferred, amount of data stored, and number of Workspaces needed. Additional options such as connected on-premises transfer servers and storage are available for an additional connect fee. Files is offered in three editions to meet a wide range of sizes and needs: Personal, Business, and Enterprise. See for more information. Availability: Immediate To set up an appointment: Mark Dallesandro,  mailto:[email protected]


Aveco | Booth SU 8516 | Website: | 923 S. Candler St., Decatur, GA 30030 | 818-292-1490 

Aveco ASTRA MAM integrates into Master Control Automation, Production Automation, Editing, Graphics, NRCS, Video Server, Transcoding and systems. Aveco provides advanced video search, local-and-multi-site operations, and integration with many industry PAM and MAM platforms to provide industry-leading workflow automation.

Product Info: Data sheet: Availability: Now 

Brand Connections

Aveco’s Redwood Blue and Redwood White, two integrated ingest-graphics-and-playout engines, with Astra MAM are also new for NAB 2018. With video server and graphics from OEM partner Harmonic and Aveco’s award-winning automation, Redwood Blue is another innovative contribution to Aveco’s broad product line. Redwood White is a simpler integrated playout system with exceptional price-performance using commercial off-the-shelf hardware.

Product info: Redwood Blue:

Redwood White: Availability: Now


Avid Technology | Booth SU801 | Website: | 

65-75 Network Dr, Burlington, MA 01803 | 978-640-6789 

MediaCentral | Asset Management — The fully customizable MediaCentral | Asset Management workflow module enables users to find assets fast, streamline content delivery across any platform, and create new revenue opportunities. Part of the next generation MediaCentral production suite, MediaCentral | Asset Management provides advanced asset management for news, sports, and post production teams of any size, and manages the entire content lifecycle, with easy asset browsing and retrieval across multiple tiers of storage for reuse or repurposing.

Product Information: Product Datasheet: Price: NA Availability: For more information: Avid Sales at 978-275-2480 


Bitcentral | Booth SU2610 | Website: | 4340 Von Karman Ave., Suite 400, Newport Beach, CA 92660 | 949-253-9000 

Bitcentral’s Oasis is a collaborative workflow solution for news production and archiving. Oasis enables field centric “story first” tools allowing users to contribute from laptops, tablets and mobile devices using a secure, and managed file transfer system.

The complete Oasis asset management system is securely shared across all authorized users including those in the field, with an efficient interface for uploading or downloading content to aid in remote story production.

External story repositories such as CNN™ can be tied directly into Oasis along with the ability to migrate any and all content from the station’s archives into the BitCentral’s Core News platform. This integration gives seamless access to near line and deep archived content within the station or reporters in the field.

Product link:


Dalet Digital Media Systems | Booth SL8010 | Website: | 88 Pine Street, 8th floor, New York, NY 10005 | 212- 269-6700 

Dalet Galaxy — Dalet Galaxy is a Media Asset Management (MAM) and Orchestration platform which unifies the content chain by managing assets, metadata, workflows and processes across multiple and diverse production and distribution systems. Specially tailored for media workflows, this unique technology platform helps broadcasters and media professionals increase their productivity while providing operational and business visibility. The platform incorporates: Collaborative User Tools such as Social Media Panel and Dalet Xtend, Multiplatform Distribution, Content Discovery, IMF package production and distribution, Business Intelligence, and more.


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